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About me

For thirty years I have succumbed to the fascination of African art. 

Besides my professional activity as a psychologist, I spent a lot of time and energy to get closer to African art. Objects of African art surround me in my everyday life (as the two photos illustrate).

In the beginning there was my stepfather, who worked as a biology professor in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) seventy years ago and started collecting African art objects. After his death he bequeathed his collection to me. My brother also lived in Africa for a long time and introduced me to African culture. 

Throughout my collecting time, I made sure that I could return the objects that no longer met my requirements and replace them with higher quality ones. Thus, with time and with increasing experience, my collection reached a more and more remarkable level.

In recent years (and especially during the acute Corona crisis), I have helped various villages in Cameroon and Gabon to carry out small infrastructure works (wells, small bridges, etc.) by purchasing objects of African art. 


Significant health problems cause me to part with my admired objects, to give them away, to clear the way to other owners who are as fascinated as I am.

I will be happy if the path of these cultural objects continues and they find passionate new owners.

Jürg Baillod

Art Africain
Art Africain