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On this page I present objects from which I do not want to part with. With all of them I am connected by a special personal story. Some of them are gifts from dear friends, others fascinate because of  their extraordinary energy or beauty.

Lega mask (triple face), Democratic Republic of the Congo 

43 cm (No. 19.19)

Mbole mask, Democratic Republic of the Congo

46 cm (No. 95.02)

Male Fang Biery statue, Cameroon

66 cm (No. 19.148)

Baule mask, Ivory Coast

44 cm (No. 98.11)

Baule figure sitting on an animal, Ivory Coast

49 cm (No. 19.145)

Kpelie mask of the Senufo people, Ivory Coast

31 cm (No. 92.01)

Nkisi power figure of the Congo people, People's republic of the Congo

55 cm (No. 19.125)

Marka (Bambara) mask, Mali

67 cm, (No. 97.19)

Kwele mask, Gabon

42 cm (No. 19.20)

Teke mask (Lekoka), Gabon

35 cm (No. 19.30)

Male Fang statue (Mabea), Cameroon

84 cm (No. 19.101)

Grebo mask, Liberia

80 cm (No. 19.49)

Mbulu-ngulu Reliquary figure of the Kota people (double face), Gabon

63 cm (No. 18.112)

Guere mask, Ivory Coast

32 cm, (No. 99.07)

Female Yombe figure, People's Democratic Republic of the Congo

62 cm (No. 18.120)

Female Fang statue, Cameroon

51 cm (No. 18.119)

Female Fang statue, Cameroon

73 cm (No. 18.111a)

Ngumba statue of the Fang people, Cameroon

77 cm (No. 18.123)

Walu mask of the Dogon people, Mali

47 cm (No. 19.14a)

Epa mask of the Yoruba people, Nigeria

40 cm (No. 16.105)

Lwalwa mask, Democratic Republic of the Congo

32 cm (No. 95.03)

Punu mask, Gabun

30 cm (No. 19.01)

Bete-Guere mask, Ivory Coast

33 cm (No. 19.03)

Mende helmet mask (Bundu Sowei), Sierra Leone

62 cm (No. 20.72)

Mambila mask, Cameroon

51 cm (No. 20.67)

Power figure (nkisi nkonde) by the Congo people, People's Republic of the Congo

108 cm (No. 20.108)

Senufo double-face mask (Wanyugo), Ivory Coast

28 cm (No. 20.71)

Mambila statue (Tadep), Cameroon

41 cm (No. 20.151)

Grebo hammer (with pedestal), Ivory Coast / Liberia

29 cm (No. 20.199)

Jukun statue, Nigeria

64 cm (No. 21.152)

Teke mask (Lekoka), Gabon

41 cm (No. 20.94)

Songye mask (Kifwebe), Democr<atic Republic of the Congo

52 cm (No. 20.53)

Mossi mask, Burkina Faso

98 cm (No. 90.01)

Songye statue, Democratic Republic of the Congo

25 cm (No. 21.107)

Djimini (?) statue, Democratic Republic of the Congo

52 cm (No. 21.128)

Punu percussion instrument, Gabon

60 cm (No. 21.126)

Fang mask, Gabon

29 cm (No. 19.09b)

Senufo headdress (Kworo), Ivory Coast

56 cm (No. 22.20)

Female Tchokwe face mask (Mwana Pwo), Angola, with pedestal

33cm (No. 21.24)

Reliquary figure (Mbulu ngulu), Gabon, with pedestal

45 cm (No. 21.158)

Kongo power figure (Nkisi nkonde), People's republic of the Congo

79 cm (No. 21.130)

Kongo pirogue, People's republic of the Congo

41 cm (No. 21.184)

Guere mask, Ivory Coast

44 cm (No. 21.29)

Jukun statue, Nigeria

50 cm (No. 21.214)

Grebo mask, Liberia / Ivory Coast

42 cm (No. 21.33)

Lega figure (Kasangala), Democratic Republic of the Congo

25 cm (No. 21.214)

Grebo figure, Ivory Coast / Liberia

54 cm (No. 21.103)

Fang couple, Cameroon

45 / 43 cm (No. 21.256 / 21. 257)

Bobo chameleon crest mask, Burkina Faso

63 cm (No. 21.92)

Yoruba mask (Epa), Nigeria

59 cm (No. 21.251)

Baule mask (Mblo), Ivory Coast

49 cm (No. 21.86)

Fang reliquary figure, Cameroon

36 cm (No. 22.102)

Luba / Hemba nativity scene, Democratic Republic of the Congo

19 cm (No. 22.114)

Mende helmet mask (Sowei), Sierra Leone

43 cm (No. 21.76)

Congo lion, People's Republic of the Congo

31 cm (No. 19.120)

Igala mirror box, Nigeria

55 cm (No. 22.149)

Kota reliquary figure (Mbulu ngulu), Gabon

39 cm (No. 22.144)

Mambila figure (Tadep), Cameroon

27 cm (No. 22.159)

Yoruba figure, Nigeria

144 cm (No. 21.262)

Mambila mask, Cameroon

59 cm (No. 22.14)

Baule mask, Ivory Coast

41 cm (No. 22.28)

Dan mask, Ivory Coast

37 cm (No. 21.74)

Hemba statue, Democratic Republic of the Congo

64 cm (No. 23.127)

Kwele divination bowl, Gabon

67 cm (No. 22.184)

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